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Pottery Allows The Individual he Opportunity To Explore Issues Within Themselves As Well As Having Fun. The Creative Process Can Help Increase Awareness Of Self & Others; Cope With Stress; Reduce Anxiety & Increase Self Esteem. Art Is A Useful Tool Where Language Is Either Unavailable Or Difficult. Art Is Way Of Verbalising Thoughts; Thereby Offering An Important Sense Of Being Heard & Mentally Held.

At Crank Pots; These classes are designed to explore your own creativity through visual arts in a relaxed and sociable environment. There are small classes so every student can have individual tuition. As there is no set syllabus, with students starting classes to suit themselves, all may be at different stages; therefore everyone will progress at their own pace. All are encouraged to have a go at expressing themselves.

You will try your hand at all aspects of clay work:- throwing on the wheel; coiled pots; slab work; modelling etc….then going onto dry fettle, glaze and fire your creations.


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The focus of the workshops are to explore and enjoy the creative process whilst in the company of many like minded people. We provide everything you require…..

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Exclusive Hand Crafted Bespoke Ceramics, Mi Pods (sculptures),  Unique Jewellery Designs And Much Much More….
Unusual Ceramic Containers Coasters Various Plates, Bowls, Dishes, Vitrified Garden Objects And much much more!
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